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Steel Stair Installation Services

American Aerial Services offers a broad range of services backed by a deep skill set. In addition to crane rentals, we conduct inside rigging projects, structural steel installations, reinforcements, retrofits, and even stair installation in Portland ME. 

Commercial Stair System Installation

Our commercial stair installation (and complementary services like steel rail installation) tends to involve a wide range of stakeholders, and we find it best when everyone is involved from the earliest stages of your project. When communication is open and comprehensive between us, property owners, contractors, and fabricators, it helps keep your project on time and on (or under) budget, while also ensuring the high standards of workmanship that is our stock in trade. To that end, we treat your project as a multi-step process.

  • Plan ahead to ensure all phases of the project, from design to fabrication to commercial stair installation, goes without a hitch
  • Schedule materials delivery correctly to ensure that all components are available on time
  • Likewise ensure that all the proper tools, from cranes to welding equipment, are available when needed
  • Vet employees for their qualifications (our welders and crane operators are fully trained and drug tested)
  • Schedule installation such that your contractors won’t be interfering in each other’s work

Stair Installations Performed

Our goal, regardless of the type of stairs you need installed, is to address the full range of functional, cost, and esthetic concerns that come with your project. 

Pan and Tread Stairs

Our specialty is pan and tread stairs. This type of stairs uses a pan — a recessed area in a metal frame that can accommodate concrete or stone. Durable and versatile, these stairs find use in residential buildings, high-traffic commercial areas, and retail environments, among others. These can be as stylish or utilitarian as you’d like.

Diamond Tread Stairs

Traditional pan and tread stairs are versatile, but they’re not advisable for every area or application. We find that diamond tread stairs are better in areas that are prone to be wet or damp, or that call for additional traction to keep your employees safe. 

Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs can combine the features of both pan and tread or diamond tread designs. Their compact nature makes them especially useful for irregularly-shaped architectural features (like turrets), smaller structures, or in tighter interior spaces where a conventional design would take up too much room. 

A Brief Word About Railings

Stairs that are beautiful, functional, and safe are a vital part of many structures on which we’ve worked. However, as you may have surmised, they’re only one part of the picture. Our railing installations meet or exceed the requirements for OSHA and your insurance, but because they’re often located in areas frequented by the public, we understand that appearance matters too. Whether they’re a part of a stair install, or ensuring safety on a catwalk or pedestrian walkway, you can count on us for railings that are as dependable as our stairs.

American Aerial Services: Our Difference is Our People

Why rely on American Aerial Services for commercial stair system installation? The answer, surprisingly enough, is simple even though the projects we undertake are often anything but. A successful stair installation, as with other services we provide, often has less to do with tools and materials than it does with experience. Our crews — AISC certified steel erectors, often working alongside trained and drug-tested NCCCO-certified crane operators — have made us one of the most trusted names in steel erecting in the Falmouth and Portland, ME areas. To consult on your next project, we invite you to call us today at 207-797-8987.

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